Blueprint Camp, L.L.C. Services
"A Print Is Born In Every Star!"
Summer-break CSI Day Camp
Each year we provide selected weekly camps operating Monday through Friday 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. However, offer sessions during the school calendar breaks.The locations will vary and posted on our website. There will be an one hour lunch break, but lunch is not included. Campers are responsible to bring their own daily lunch.

Blueprint Camp is a week day camp. It is highly interactive, investigative, hands-on-training, laboratory experiments, and fun. The campers will learn and apply all training skills to create a mock crime scene then will be challenged in presenting physical evidence in a moot criminal trial. We focus on critical thinking, communication, analytic, writing, and investigative skills.

We provide a safe and exciting environment. And, we employ an experienced leadership team to supervise each specialized investigative activity. All staff, interns, and volunteers have a background check. 
Forensic Science Mini Camps
A minimum of 2 hours, Saturday ONLY, 3 hours, or half-day CSI Day camps
This session is a shorter version of the week long camp session where campers will be exposed to different components of crime scene investigation. A list of investigative activities may be selected of your choice for the 2 hours or more sessions and Saturdays ONLY. 
Educational Webinar Training
We facilitate educational topics of varies disciplines in forensic science. The standards are based on the Georgia Department of Education in Law Enforcement and Public Safety for all teachers. Also, we provide informational and demonstrations of crime scene processing techniques 
Professional Learning Development for Teachers
We provide informative ongoing hands-on-training opportunities for teachers to learn new skills for their students to implement in the classroom. This training session will have the students fully engaged with participating in forensic science lessons. Teachers will transfer the knowledge to students while obtaining credit hours.

This workshop model will support teachers with new creative ideas to utilize in a classroom environment and increase instructing methods. 
Guest Speaker Appearances
We are available to present with local schools and organizations that extend an opened invitation to appear as a guest speaker. We will provide the background career in the field of law enforcement with a specialized area of forensic science and an overall of our CSI youth program. Demonstrations are performed with students giving them first hand observation and training. 
Forensic Science Workshops
The workshops are STEM-based educational to increase a career pathway of exceptional leaders teaching forensic science subjects through hard work. Most workshops are facilitated at the Georgia Science Teacher Conferences and Georgia CTAE.
Host CSI Birthday Party Theme
A new services, we will change your ordinary birthday party into a crime scene scene party with goody bags, investigative games, hands-on-activities, and fun whodunit mystery experiences. We will provide the theme and you provide the guest. 
School Days CSI Activities
We are contracted to professionally meet and greet your students for a fulfillment of the CSI learning hands-on-training activities. Students will have a wonderful time processing and collecting physical evidence that they can packaged. 
Murder Mystery Adventures
We will create and write a script of a murder mystery where actors play a role to solve the mystery. It will be filled with unexpected turns and challenges. 
Child Identification Fingerprint Kit w/photo ID
Our trained professional will take rolled inked ten-print and simultaneously four finger print impressions of the youth hands. We will add a current photograph located on the back of each card. The parents can complete each field then place the card with important documentations. This card can be used for identification purposes only for Amber Alerts to aid with local, state, and federal Law Enforcement Agencies in missing children or just for keepsake.
After School Program
Our ASP offers a special forensic science academic program. There will be lessons planned for several components of forensic science.
We work with several community organizations through partnership programs to design a skillful career pathway. This academic enrichment program to learn new skills and discover new abilities after the school day has ended. 
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